Before buying a Bengal kitten please research the breed, TIBCS is a great source of information at  www.bengalcat.com  They are a wonderful, intelligent and very active breed. and are very affectionate also. 

All kittens are assessed and priced individually according to how close they are to the Bengal Standard. Early assessment is done at 4 - 6 weeks of age and prices are as follows, however this may change as the kitten develops.  Once kittens have had their first vet check and vaccination, serious potential buyers are welcome to visit.  In the meantime I will send lots of photos weekly.  Once the fuzzies come, it is difficult to get good photos but I do try.



Rosetted $2000 and up (incl. spay/neuter)

Marbles $1800
Deposit required: Pet $500 Show/Breeder $800
Shipping is available at the additional cost plus carrier.

Our cats are treated like family members and our kittens are born in my bedroom.  They are raised with lots of love and attention.   Once they are old enough, and have good litter box habits are allowed to have the run of the house so they can get used to things like vacuum cleaners (although they never do like the noise), t.v.'s, phones ringing and the normal day to day sounds of our home, usually around 8 weeks. 

Our kittens go home between the age of 12-14 weeks.  They will have been spayed/neutered, had 2 vet checks, 2 vaccinations,  and been dewormed several times.  They come with a 2 year health guarantee for genetic defects and contract.

We recommend that you take your new kitten to your vet within 72 hours to confirm that your kitten is healthy and is virus free.

We feed our cat/kittens BCR pre-ground chicken and /Wellness canned food.  For some invaluable information with regard to feeding your cat or kitten please follow this link     www.catinfo.org/


Please contact with any questions at fireandicebengals@gmail.com